Ronnie Irvine/Elaine Simpson 2018
Thursday 30 August. 2018, Granite Trail. A small group of 7 were led by Jim on this beautiful walk (when you are above old rail track). One of BBC programme fillers was taken here.
Thursday 13 Sept. 2018, Belfast stroll. Dorothy said there were 19 walkers out for our popular ‘Belfast Stroll’ ,always led so well by herself and Joan.Unfortunately I could not go…but maybe I was spying with my binoculars !!! From photo ..good to see Mary O’ out again…and Colette. Thanks to Dorothy for photo. Anne and C.S. Lewis are getting friendly!
Have I seen this group on TV?
Has someone been naughty?
Thursday 27 Sept. 2018, Ballykelly Banks. Drizzle greeted us on arrival at our M.Pt.- Drummond Hotel, but was over by the time all car placements were completed. 11 of us set out in pleasant conditions for 6 miles of walking, …. from the hotel, down to Lough Foyle and then along the path alongside the sea bank. The sea bank was built in the 19th C. and fertile flat land on the eastern side of the Foyle reclaimed. The lough is a winter refuge for ducks and waders The Foyle is also important for Atlantic salmon swimming towards spawning streams in Tyrone and Derry. At low tide, wreckage of a Vought F4U Corsair fighter which crashed in 1944 can be seen in Lough Foyle. On our way home we took up a kind invitation from Kathleen and our afternoon finished with coffee, traybakes, chat and an opportunity to walk around a beautiful garden. Good to see Mary O’ out again now her leg break has healed, and grateful thanks to Iris for organising the walk and transport so competently.
Thursday 11 Oct. 2018, Belfast Hills(Divis). A wet day was promised and a wet day it was! The walk chosen should have given us panoramic views over S and W Belfast- but rain set in quite quickly accompanied by a cold it was heads down and face it for most of the 5 mile walk. On the way back we stopped at N.T. hut and ate our lunches…helped by mugs of warm reviving coffee. Nevertheless, there were 8 of us..and as seen from the photo we were still smiling at the end.
Thursday 25 Oct. 2018, Garvagh Forest. A lovely day and a lovely wood to walk during autumn. Unfortunately I didn’t make it (leg hurting after gardening). There were 13 walkers out, competently led by Keith and Margaret,and I think there was coffee afterwards? Thanks to Dorothy for well composed seasonal photos.
Thursday 08 Nov. 2018, Lough Fea. Unfortunately Lough Fea, despite being a beautiful and uplifting walk,is rather short. Consequently our initially large group of 19 separated into two groups.One continued around the lough..and probably had a coffee somewhere? The rest of us headed for the hills, walking steeply upwards for a mile or so until the road levelled, giving excellent views of ‘The Sperrins’ to the west, and occasional glimpses of Lough Fea below. Eventually we found the lane leading almost directly back to our cars…5 miles A beautiful day for a walk..not like Divis! Thanks to Anne for the walk and Margaret for lake photos.
Thursday 22 Nov. 2018, Vinegar Hill Loop. Vinegar Hill is a favourite walk, a totally Sperrin experience without any tops. Old abandoned cottages, fields of sheep, stony tracks, rounded hills, and gently sloping glens were at their best on a pleasant winter’s day. A couple of barking dogs even greeted us as we began our walk up Barnes Gap. There were 19 walkers out, good for a Thursday in mid- November. It was a pleasure to have Shirley walking with us again We saw the results of one bog flow, a reminder of events in the area a few years ago, when incessant rain caused saturated peat, rocks and gravel to slide from surrounding hillsides into the river, and inundate the valley below. The Sperrin mountains are known for occasional catastrophic floods, and the link below gives details of one of the worst. Thanks to Dorothy for competently leading the walk.
The Great Glenelly Flood. The Great Glenelly Flood.
Our group taken by Mary.
Thursday 06 Dec. 2018, Peatlands. A pleasant morning for a familiar walk- and everything going well until Margaret slipped on a slimey patch on the middle of a shaded back road and fell. It seemed innocuous enough but a very bad twist on her knee was much worse than expected,and necessitated a visit to hospital and considerable surgical work on her knee-cap. Thanks to Dr. Margaret and Nurse Wendy-who did all the right things. Margaret is recuperating and we hope she recovers quickly.
Thursday 20 Dec. 2018, ‘An Creagan’. Another pleasant winter morning for a favourite walk, led by Sheina and Rosemary-with expected rain not lasting for more than 20 mins. An excellent Christmas lunch followed at ‘An Creagan’-ably organised by Sheina and Rosemary - grateful thanks to both…and a Happy Christmas and New Year to all.
Thursday 10 Jan. 2019, Loughry/Tullyhogue A quiet mild morning for our first outing of 2019, led by Ronnie & Dorothy, and our biggest group for a while-25. The first part of the walk-a leg stretcher - was to Tullyhogue Fort from the Car- park. Cars were moved to Mid-Ulster Sports Car Pk. adjoining Loughry. We wandered/dandered through the wild and extensive river corridor and woods in Loughry grounds,looking at fungi and ferns and enjoying the sound of ther restless river.
At Kathleen’s
Kathleen shows Keith & Iris the garden.