Ronnie Irvine/Elaine Simpson 2018
Thursday 26th Oct. 2017, Clare Glen 22 walkers arrived at Clare Glen C.P.  on a pleasant October morning,a walk new to most of the group. The route followed the river Cusher -a double loop through attractive woodland. Lunch was taken after loop1,at the C.P. In total ,the walk was fairly short and relatively flat-5 miles. We finished at around 3:45, and in winter, it is often best to be finished early. Thanks to Brian and Ellen for leading, and introducing us to a pleasant forest/riverside walk.
Thursday 09th Nov. 2017, Portrush-Portstewart 25 walkers gathered at West  Strand Car Park, Portrush on a fresh,breezy December morning to the sound of a sea full of surf . The walk ,led by Margaret .was fairly brisk- the best way to keep warm- lunch was taken on arrival at Portstewart,followed by a browse around shops. The group re-gathered and headed east again towards Portrush. This is a good walk for joining and leaving as you fancy-so by the time we returned to Portrush we were a much smaller group. Thanks to Margaret for leading so well. We missed you Mary O’, hope the ankle is coming on . Good to see Tom and Sidney out again.
Thursday 23th Nov. 2017, Slieve Gallion. Too wet for Carndaisy-so we walked from Slieve Gallion top to Inishcarn C.P.                    and after lunch,back up again.An energetic walk of around 6 miles,according to Michael’s software. Everyone finished with dry feet.-and that was important. The weather was fine-cold and clear-with great views towards Slemish and across Lough Beg -a narrow ribbon of shining water. One sleety shower was all we had to face! Thanks to Michael for our down-up walk route, click below.
Thursday 14th Dec. 2017, Tullyhogue Fort/Loughry. We walked from Tullyhogue Fort car park to the fort and back-then a quick journey to Mid-Ulster Sports Centre C.P. and a dander around Loughry grounds and along the river-in full spate. Another journey to ‘Braeside’ for Christmas lunch.The sprouts were too soft for me! Nice to have Irwin Tucker back from Australia..and he now knows how to get to Orritor! Thanks,Michael for interesting route map. Link below.
Rae brightened the day in yellow.
Our group with Ron and Carol gone.
Our Slieve Gallion route. Our Slieve Gallion route. Our Tullyhogue trek. Our Tullyhogue trek.
Well,there are at least a few happy looking faces-but it was a raw morning in mid-December a cold rain was falling….and some people had been out the night before.
Thursday 11th Jan. 2018, Parkanaur. A beautiful sunny morning for our first Thursday walk of the year. A short journey to Parkaneur Forest Park for most. The group was fairly large-28 in total- everyone keen to enjoy their first walk of 2018. They even found a reason to sing at one stage! Michael had his walk well recc’ed.The route was flat and fairly easy with plenty to see. Attractive small bridges and the  wandering stream, a beautiful white deer herd,a wishing well and some beautiful distorted beeches on the lawns of the house-not hard to imagine elves or fairies around them. The day was rounded off with a relaxed dander around the ruins of Sir Toby Caulfield’s Castle/House, just outside Castlecaulfield.
     Leader: Michael
Towards the deer meadow.
The beautiful white fallow deer.
Collette has a really good eye for a picture.
The Wishing Well.
The cascade.
The bridges.
Quality of group photos not good -couple of burn-out spots.
Don’t know why a few of us are looking at one photographer and others are looking at another!