Ronnie Irvine/Elaine Simpson 2019
Thursday 27th June 2019, North Coast walk...Portstewart The original walk was changed to a coastal at Portstewart,and considering the beautiful day-a good decision. Brian (good to see him back, and Ellen) led the walk, and a good sized group of 17 enjoyed the beach and dunes on a glorious day. I was sorry to miss this walk. Thanks to Gladys for taking some excellent photos on the day. Hope Mary O’ is well recovered from her recent illness.
Thursday 25th July 2019, Mount Sandel...Coleraine We had beautiful weather for our walk . 20 of us met at the start of the canoe trail on the Strand Road ,Coleraine @11am and began the walk soon after that. We walked along the path at the edge of the river,crossed the road to Somerset Park, did a circular walk of it, and returned to our cars for our lunch boxes. We then proceeded along the Riverside path again, up on to the bridge and crossed over towards Mountsandal. This is where there once was the earliest known settlement of people in Ireland and believed to be inhabited first 9000 years ago. We took some time up on the fort and returned via a circular walk. A total walk of approximately 7.5 miles. We hope everyone enjoyed the walk. Thanks to Ron & Carol for report and photo, .seems to have been a really good walk,and they always organise things well…and Margaret for photos. I was sorry to miss this one.
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Thursday 08th Aug 2019, Portballintrye. A beautiful summer day-don’t think there has been a good one since!..and 20 walkers out with Keith and Margaret,thanks to both for organising. Our long time friend and most experienced walker, Samzie Hale was guest leader,and good to see Tom Bell..another very experienced walker and old friend, out with the group. Thanks to Gladys for very good photographs.
Thursday 22nd Aug 2019, Belfast Stroll.
Thursday 05th Sept.2019, 12 Arches/Murlough. Our walk leaders had family commitments,so could not lead. On a beautiful day, this turned out to be possibly the most enjoyable walk of the year (for me anyhow, as I have missed a few). Margaret Wallace and I led the walk in a relaxed fashion.We board-walked to the beach, made our way round the point towards Dundrum, using firm sand where we could! Around the corner of Dundrum Bay we had lunch on sheltered steps. From here we returned by winding paths behind the dunes-the highlight of the walk-with warm sunshine on our backs.There was much to see and enjoy along the soft grassy paths. Heathers in bloom, six butterfly species, patches of Devil’s Bit Scabious, a few rare plants and some ‘well looked after’ horses grazing. There were only 6 of us out on this 6 mile walk.Good to see Irwin Tucker out again. A stop for Coffee and cakes in Dundrum finished our day nicely.
Thursday 19th Sept.2019, Carntogher. 12 walkers on the Carntogher walk on another partly sunny Tuesday. Unfortunately I missed this one,so no report.Thanks to Dorothy for photos and leading the walk.
Thursday 03rd Oct.2019, Gosford F. Park established in 1958 - was made the first conservation forest in Northern Ireland in 1986. 11 walkers turned up, despite a ferocious weather forecast,and luckily it remained dry until ‘Lorenzo’ arrived - on the last half mile or so! Thanks to Gladys for leading us unerringly along a maze of paths in beautiful Gosford Estate-always pleasant to walk in. Also thanks to Gladys for some great photos-am always amazed at the quality produced by the newest camera phones.
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