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A short note of appreciation on hearing that George Hamill is no longer involved at committee level in Mid Ulster Walking Club. When I was younger (not that much really!) and more involved in the club, I worked with George on many club ventures, and on looking back realise just how much stability, and how many ideas  he brought to the club. George succeeded Eamonn Flannigan as Chairperson some seven or eight years ago, and held the post until last year.  He was innovative and enthusiastic as a Chairman and initiated many new club activities,including walking events with Cookstown Council, developing a club Facebook page, organising  of weekend camps, summer barbecues, night-time walking, first-aid events, mountain safety instruction, club camp week-ends, endurance walks and many more. Fundraising for good causes, and development of photographic ability (George is especially good on humorous and people photos) were other talents he used for the benefit of members of M.U.W.C. A large increase in membership in recent years has largely been due to his warm and welcoming attitude towards new walkers (I have always been envious of his ability to remember their names). The simple fact is that he was Chairperson for others and not for himself.  Yes, he got a chance to introduce events, walks and trips that he liked personally, but behind this, much of his pleasure came simply from the fact that he was doing it for enjoyment of all members. George, as Chairperson, gave many years of effort and enthusiasm to Mid-Ulster Walking Club, always in a pleasant and self effacing manner.  Knowing the man, there is little doubt that he will give many more.